July 9, 2012

DIY Bubble Necklace

Do you remember these from the 80's? If you don't click here. I think I had one for every day of the week.
Bubbles are good fun (who doesn't love them?) and I especially enjoy them when my adorable nephew asks me, in his gentle demanding way, if I'll do "bubos" with him. "Yes!!"

In doing some research I thought I might find some other DIY's that were similar but I mostly just found a lot of recreations of J Crew's bubble necklace.
I would love to see if anyone has made anything similar.
This variation is super cute!

party favor mini bubble bottles
(got mine at the dollar store for one buck but I know they have them at party stores like Zurchers)
neon line or anything that can be used as the necklace like yarn or a chain
(my dad gave me his neon line that they were using to cement their driveway)
washi tape or any other decorative tape (get mine here)

take a generous amount of wire and make a loop at the end and twist it tight

wrap wire ends around top of bottle and glue in place just to keep it secure 

take a piece of the line or even some tape and wrap around the ugly wire, glue in place

take three extra long strands of line and fold them in half and loop knot them through the wire loop

take the six strands and divide them in half, braid each half
(I held the bottle between my knees for support)

tie a knot in the end of both braided strands joining them together

add some washi tape to spruce it up and you're done

make your own gif

Now I better go run and make one for His Majesty.


kendahl said...

This is awesome! I had one when I was little that was shaped like a seahorse, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Of course, the bubbles were gone the first day but still, I wore the hell out of it.

jessemac said...

This is amazing. I bought some hot pink line like this a few weeks ago just because I couldn't stop looking at it. So happy I have this idea to use it for now!

The first bubble necklace I had was a turtle riding a skateboard given to me by some boy in my first grade class. It was intense.