July 2, 2012

the striped kitty

We rescued this poor kitty from our apartment complex roof the other day. Tyrone thought he saw it up there the day before but had to run to work. The next evening I was taking Fred out and heard it meowing like crazy. We were able to reach it out of the window on the third story of the staircase. Poor baby had been shaved up both of its sides and had been dyed blue. It was pretty scared and probably dehydrated. We fed it some water and tuna and let it be on it's way because we're sure it's someone's cat in our complex. We're also really allergic so we couldn't just keep it. It's not a stray cat because it was really nice and let me pick it up. You could tell it had been domesticated (that sounded weird)

Anyway, I'd like find the bastards that did this because they could have killed it leaving it up on the roof in 100 degree heat.


kendahl said...

Poor sweetheart! Too bad you're allergic, you'd be a much better momma than whoever did that to it.

Sabrina said...

Poor kitty! Good on you for saving it from the rooftop, Brandy! A shame you're alergic, though - I bet the cat would have loved to stay with you guys!
I really don't get why people do things like that. A blue cat? Come on!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

It is too bad that I'm alleric. I do like cats but honestly can't stand the way they make me feel plus I think they stink. This cate was so sweet though I would have kept it if I had a house and was able to and if I knew for sure it was a stray. I don't understand why people do this either, it's so mean.