July 12, 2012


I updated my About page to include the following:

"First I have to say that I don't make any money with my blog or have any ads (nor do I think negatively about those that do.) I do however love to find other awesome bloggers and promote them on The Blog out of pure brotherly love. I don't expect it in return. I don't comment on other blogger's blogs just to get them to comment back. I appreciate those that read my blog with all of my heart."

I felt like it was important enough to warrant it's own blog post. I don't care for blogger games I think most people who know me know that.

I'm weird, I know, and I'm not bringing this up because I had anything drama happen I just think sometimes it's assumed that all bloggers have one thing in common and that brining up their stats so that they can up their ad price. If I could make good money from my blog I would but I don't think that the work that you have to put in to doing that is worth a $5 ad x 10. That will not pay off this girl's pit of never-ending debt. TRUST ME! I wouldn't mind the supplemental income if it only took an hour a month to pull off. It takes me long enough to post content that I enjoy doing. But I've said this before on here, I use The Blog as a creative outlet and to help promote The Shop.

If rumor becomes a reality in the next few months maybe I'll be changing my tune a bit but until then we're gonna keep things simple around here.

(I wrote this when I was really tired but you know the drill: ignore any and ALL grammar mistakes because this broad don't kerrrr.)

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kendahl said...

That picture is so hot. :) And I totally read that last line all Chingy-like and it was perfect.