May 10, 2012

I have a problem - DIY Galaxy Tee

I can't get enough of galaxy print anything. I'm sure it will fizz out like my love for neon did in grade school. Speaking of neon I'm ecstatic it is back right now too. I love it, I truly do. I like having fun with trends that inspire me even if they only last for a season. People that get all up tight over "trendy" things dive me bonkers. They take like too seriously. Having said that there are a ton of things that are trendy that I hate but that's just my psychotic taste.

This shirt was getting old and needed new life. I love the cut of the jersey it's the perfect shape for a tee for a curvy lady like myself. I just called myself curvy and then threw up in my mouth. It's all good. Here it is before:

I'm not doing a tutorial on this one because there are million of them on YouTube that are more than adequate. I know because I watch every single one of them. I love how I relate to the prepubescent chicas of the YouTube world. It's where I learned that the word tumblr, which I thought was a blogging site is now being used as an adjective to describe "hipster" like things. "The more you know."

and here it is after:
one of these times I should iron something before I take a picture of it

galaxy nails here & here
and these I still love so very much

I recently bought a cool galaxy locket that came in the mail this week but the picture on it already came off. I wore it one day. I didn't pay a lot for it which is good or I would have been super pissed. I think I can redo it because it looks like it was just glued on anyways. 

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kendahl said...

I fucking love this. With all the love my cold, dead heart can muster. Amazeballs.