May 20, 2012

via my phone (passive aggressive disclaimer)

I was excited to see the annular solar eclipse tonight. I'm glad the makeshift paper reverse lense worked out for us. It wasn't until after I took this that we realized that there were a bunch of little eclipses on the wall on the left side of this picture coming from the tree in the parking lot. It only lasted a few minutes so I'm glad we walked out at the perfect moment. I almost didn't get up because I've been pretty enthralled in watching the X Files. 
If you have no idea what I'm talking about it's the little half moons showing up all over the wall. Because of where we were in the state we didn't get the full ring of fire. 

earlier today there was a rainbow around the sun it was pretty cool but this was the best pic I could get

Steak for $1 at Dollar Tree? I'd rather eat one of Frederick's legs.

If you follow me on instagram you've already seen most of these but 
if you don't you can see them here or you can search for zenmasterflash (which is what I wish my twitter name was but some other a-hole has it)

in the process of dying my hair, bleaching didn't go well but imma gonna finish this shit if it kills me
I'll be adding purple tomorrow night, for now I'll deal with the orange tones.

found a new phone app sketch n draw

My mom is the best. She tricked me into coming down to her house to help her pick out face powder when really she wanted to get me a gift. She knew she had to trick me or I wouldn't have come down just to have her buy me something. She was right. She got me a retro style bathing suit that I've been wanting forever. We got it at JCPenney of all places. They had a ton of suits and a lot of retro styles for pretty cheap too. There's a ton online that I've had my eye on but when you're not skinny minnie you do not want to guess which suit is going to fit well you have to be able to try them on as excruciating of a task that is.

Went to a pool party today and it was a lot of fun laying out in the sun for the first time of the year.

And the awesome day was only interrupted for a brief moment. It's sad when some people feel the need to threaten someone for merely having a different opinion than them, especially when it's family.

Let's give it up for this coming weekend when a lot of us will be enjoying along one for the holiday - I already can't wait!


kendahl said...

That swimsuit is adorable! I love it. And I cannot freaking wait for this weekend.

yo madda said...

lets go to the lake this weekend and play for the day :) lv ma