May 16, 2012

Secretary Bow Top!

I decided to try this DIY from a beautiful mess. They pretty much do everything perfectly which most of the time just makes me want to throw up from pure jealousy. Admittedly, they're the first blog I read every day (that is when I'm able to actually read blogs) Anyway, I'm on a super secretary blouse kick and or ascot top whatever you want to call it. I have a few that need to go up in my shop right now as well. I've been drooling over this top in that etsy shop (also this one) for weeks now (it has since sold) but TODAY I found one at the thrift that is exactly like it. I'm stoked! It's not really warm weather appropriate but it will be perfect when fall comes.

With this particular top I decided to go sleeveless so I could wear it this summer and with a cardigan for the office.



I left a tiny cap sleeve.

In all I would say that it was fairly easy. More sewing than I usually like to accomplish. I'm the laziest sewer you'll ever meet. I have done an abnormal amount of sewing lately, mostly mending and repairing some clothes I've had in a "I'll get around to it one day" pile. I'm so proud of myself. It's like going shopping and having new clothes because they've sat around for too long.


kendahl said...

It's really cute! And perfect for work. Love it!

Colleen said...

I'm going to have to try this with some of the long sleeves I've got stuck in my "do something creative with" pile. You know...that pile that is slowly taking over my office...