May 18, 2012

photo album turned journal

What? Another blogger and a lame ass journal DIY? How original. I know, I know.

I've been pretty introverted lately and taking the time to doodle and reflect on things so journaling has been nice to do. I usually always doodle and jot down song lyrics or ideas in notebooks but I rarely specify a certain book just for journaling. I don't know what is going on with this mercury venus retrograde downgrade whatever business but it needs to stop. Everyone I know is in some funk whether or not it's full blown depression or just a weird funk. Whatever planet that has it's period needs to stop bleeding already. (was that too graphic? oh well, blame the funk)

I saw this seventies photo album at Savers and took out the inside pages and replace them with paper from an old accounting ledger that was sitting right next to the album. It was like the heavens just handed me a DIY, I couldn't possibly pass it up. Plus, I love these old photo albums with covers like this.

I adhered the pages with glue and gold duct tape.
inside cover

 It's still in basic mode and I didn't take pics of every page because I wanted to keep some of them private.


urban muser said...

really cool!

kendahl said...

I need to do this.

And I agree - whatever the hell is wrong in the universe right now needs to be solved because people around me are dying at their own hands and it's not okay.

Colleen said...

I haven't mentioned this on the blog, but my husband and I are going through the same fertility issues... I guess that's why I've always felt a bit of a connection with you. Well, that and my awesome leather bracelet.