May 18, 2012

In My Brain

{once again pretend there's an adorable header to look at here}

Despite my usual bitter attitude towards motherhood, I really, truly hope that every mother out there had a great Mothers Day. I realize I'm behind on saying this but I'm behind on a lot of things right now so STOP YELLING AT ME!!!!

Last Wednesday I took my mom to City Creek and bought her dinner and some fudge. She's a fudge whore. I on the other hand hate fudge. We had a lovely time walking around and checking out all of the overpriced stores. I tend to think most stores are overpriced because I do 95% of my shopping now at thrift stores and the other 5% online (let me recalculate this 93% thrift 5% online 3% other that probably doesn't add up because I SUCK AT MATH!) I really enjoyed being alone with my mom. I think it was more of a gift to me rather than her to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with my whole family but we do it often and sometimes a girl needs to be with just her mom.

Sunday, we took my MIL out to lunch (she's never had a 5 guys burger) and out to see the avengers. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. We even saw it in 3D, which I despise, but it turned out to by pretty incredible. I would like to see a great movie on the IMAX screen but NOT in 3D just once. Do we not do that anymore? 3D glasses give me a headache because I HAVE to wear them over my regular eye glasses. It's not comfortable and I have this weird thing where I have to be comfortable when I'm watching a movie or I won't enjoy it as much.

I bought hair bleach and dye on Sunday but I was too tired to start it all week so I think I'll do it tomorrow. I already know I won't have the motivation to do it tonight. I'm giving in and doing the ombre look with a purple twist. One of the reasons I have procrastinated doing this myself is that I have to cut and thin out my own hair and that takes me forever to do. I am too cheap to go to a stylist plus I hate calling and setting up appointments for things, really anything, I get all sorts of anxiety when I have to do it.I avoid it at all costs and will procrastinate an important appointment up and until the very last minute. I loathe this about myself but I crumble under the anxiety from it.

Today was an interesting Monday, for once I wasn't left wanting to pick my eyeballs out with a bobby pin.

I'm sad The Voice is over. Judge away.

Greys Anatomy - OMG! (this was pretty much the twitter collective last night)

Right at this moment my glasses are driving me crazy and as well as my allergies.

I'd like to rate the different types of pens for my own amusement:
1. Roller ball pens are the best. They're smooth like butta.
2. Ball point pens are mediocre.
3. Gel pens can suck a d*#%$

This post felt very robotic. I'm usually that way at work; it's the only way I get through the day. I pretend I'm Small Wonder and am secretly planning my takeover of the world. Speaking of taking over the world do you remember watching Pinky & The Brain after school usually with Animaniacs? Gawd! I just want to go home after work and watch it like I did after school with a giant cup of milk. Instead I watch Jeopardy right after work or something more embarrassing to admit.

On the topic of being brainless, I just now mindlessly hung up my calendar displaying the month of June. I apparently hate May and can't wait for June to be here. My subconscious knows that I have a vacation coming up in June that I desperately need to get here as fast as it can.

I won't lie, work has aggressively sucked this week. I mean hardcore sucky.

I'd like to thank the academy for allowing me this opportunity to speak my mind. (I want to hurt myself so bad right now for saying that.)


kendahl said...

I can't wait to see your hair. You always have the greatest ideas.

Thanks for not saying anything about Grey's - I haven't watched it yet and I know it's going to be epic! They do the best season-enders.

And I love Jeopardy. I get so proud of myself every time I know an answer.

memaw said...

gosh i lova lova lova your guts out!!!! u r the best!!!! it was amazingly fun for me to fun, i do admit to being a fudge whore hehe xo