April 12, 2011

The Weekend In Pictures

My grandma brought over the baby shower invitation from my brother's over 25 years ago

25 years later he's building pyramids

It lasted all about 5 seconds. We picked them all up from the floor and set them our for the guests to drink out of. Cat's out of the bag now if you're reading this and you attended.

We played bubbles. Another attempt of mine to win this guys affection

Peeps, my hair is pink. You can't tell in these pics but it's pretty much magenta; exactly what it said on the box except that I thought it looked more dark maroon. Oh well.
I still have the unintentional ombre hair going on. I'm in style apparently and didn't even know it but is the story of my life - I was born cool. You can thank my dad for the arrogance I inherited from him.

What I wore: thrifted tee & scarf, seven jeans, old navy flip flops

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Dillon and Cherice Snyder said...

the picture of tyrone in the swing is going to give me nightmares. seriously. it would be even scarier if it was 3D.