April 3, 2011

spring here is like a really effed up manic depressive

I was beginning to feel good about life with the lovely weather we had Friday and Saturday but then Sunday came and shat all over it with about six inches of snow. I was barefoot and wearing a sun dress on Saturday and today I have a sweater on and boots. Blah!
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Anonymous said...

I hate when that happens! Make up your mind weather! Lol. Love the pics!

Janet Bocciardi said...

I wish our forsythia would bloom! I was going to say then I'd know it was Spring.. but clearly that didn't do it for you!

I had to post photos from last year for a Spring blog hop...

Sigh... I guess more hot chocolate and brownies will have to be eaten. Join me?

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks Ashley!

Janet, I soil join you for that hot cocoa for Monday has left me feeling gloomier than yesterday did. The up and down is taxing. I'll have to come over check out your Spring pics.