April 29, 2011

Weekly Confessional - better late than never edition

So. We've been excited for the last two weeks for the new Fast Five (fast&furious) movie to come out tonight. We went and loved it. Tyrone is all about the cars and racing and wishes he still had his Evo. I went because of The Rock...uh hmmm..I mean Dwayne Johnson. We both left with drool soaked laps. I know that most critics hated it and most people will pretend to hate it because they think they should but it was just good fun and action packed. We had a nice night just escaping and relaxing AND yes we will go see the next one. Letty is back Beatrices!


*We came up with a fun hashtag to play too so if you follow us on Twitter stay tuned.
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun night! I will have to go and see that one, too.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

It really was a lot of fun!