April 27, 2011


No App with this one just some minor editing all done on my droid
On a walk the other day and Tyrone says "What are you taking a picture of now?"
I just loved the texture on this tree

This counts because it was also taken with my phone; check this out some asshole did this to our neighbors house. Granted this place is a little creepy but they seem to keep to themselves so I don't understand why someone would tag the front of their effing house. Seriously? So rude. I'm all about street art but what these punk-ass-sons-a-bitches do to our neighborhood is NOT ART AT ALL. It's just like them pissing all over their so-called territory. Only problem is this pee is sort of permanent. All of the business in our area probably have to paint over tagging done to their property every other week and I'm not even exaggerating. 

We did get a glimpse of sunshine today which was nice while it lasted.
all taken with my droid


Angela said...

How awful! I can't stand when people think it's ok to just go around spray painting useless crap all over the place. And to do it to someone's house? Unacceptable!

Steph said...

I dont live in the best part of town either and I have never scene someone's house tagged, not cool! your tree pic is interesting--thought it was a telephone poll with all of the staples in it.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I am an idiot. It's not a tree. You're right it is a telephone pole. I didn't mean to type that. Ha! Thx!

Anika said...

Love that first shot-good eye!!

Those are the lamest lame-o taggers ever. If you see them you can tell 'em I said so! (Can you imagine you going up to them while they tag away and say "Hey! Anika called you a lame-o" They would probably stop right away, no?) Usually houses get spared don't they? Poor people.

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Down here in Springville where people think they are tough, we have this group of kids that tags this long stretch of fence about every three months. Totally unacceptable. Find a train or something and stop damaging people's property! (Yes, I know trains are someone's property but they are much cooler when they are tagged.) Or just go tag your own damn fence.

J said...

That's so sad about your neighbor's house! I fully support street art, but when it's done disrespectfully, it's not right.

Love that shot, by the way!!

Dillon and Cherice Snyder said...

what dumb shits - i'm gonna find them and tag their faces with permanent paint if there is such a thing. that pisses me off and its expensive to clean that shit up. my dad's company trailer would get tagged when it was on job sites and it cost a couple of grand to clean it off.

camaca said...

oh, but the first shot is amazing!