April 22, 2011

Fridays with Fred

Lame edition. I just have this photo to post of him.

I've been in this constant struggle with my to-do list lately. I've landed on giving it the big ole fuck you. Plus, Spring Pad has been down so that has thrown my anal side off a bit. And my allergies have been kicking my trash more than usual. We have a lot of family activities planned this weekend so that should all be fun. Hoping the Sun makes an appearance too.

I was able to take product shots (does that make me sound like a pro? LoL) so a shop update is coming soon. I want to thank everyone for liking The FB page. You guys rock!

Peace out Beatrices!
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1 comment:

Anika said...

Man! I hear you about the struggle with the to-do list. I need some more hours in my day or a reeeeaaaallly long vacation! Have a good weekend!