April 7, 2011

another family-fun activity

I had written down on one of my post-it notes to ask my dad to show me how to make a hand tooled leather belt. Growing up my dad did this and made some pretty cool things. He has all of the tools and patterns needed. The other night when we were down there picking up my debit card from them I asked, sort of sarcastically but mostly seriously, if my dad would teach us all how to hand tool leather. I said we could make a family-activity out of it (how lame right?). We might not get together and play a lot of board games like some families do but we do a lot other out-of-the-box activities. That very night after a family-fun trip to Cal-Ranch (yeehaw!) my dad broke out his tools and started to show my brother and I how to get down with the hand-tool sickness.

I was so excited. I'm such a nerd but I have had hand-tooled leather ideas and vintage pieces in my head for quite some time now. I never thought I could actually do it myself but by the end of the night I was. I don't know why I never asked my dad to teach me before. I remember playing (or rather snooping) through his tools as a child. I guess the timing just needed to be right.

So, I started on a piece of leather that was meant for a belt but that sucker isn't getting around my waist no matter how many pair of spanks I put on or how much duck tape I wrap around it. I think I'm going to go for a bracelet. I want to buy a purse kit and make a purse some day. I think a sunset would be pretty rad to try.

{Just got word that Japan had a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit them AGAIN. Words cannot even describe. Desperately praying for them at this very moment. Blogging just seems irrelevant right now}
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Anika said...

So cool! These photos with him are so sweet...he must've been proud, eh?