November 25, 2009

Concert Tee Re-Vamp

It's no secret I love Steven Tyler. (Don't get me started on the rumors that they are breaking up.) I've had this Aerosmith tee shirt for a very long time and it was starting to look a little too warn out. I didn't want to retire it to a pajama shirt - I would have felt so guilty. Ha! See the nice hole at the bottom from an accidental bleach spot? Oopsie! The hole has gradually gotten bigger over the years. I have to say that the pic of it above actually doesn't show just how worn out it really is. It was also a men's size large so it didn't fit well either. I can't take full credit for this idea it was actually Daisy's (and she says not crafty). This idea is going to come in pretty handy with some other tee shirts I have hanging up in my closet that I have not been able to bring myself to throw out. Some of them are either too small (ok most of them are too small) or just old and dingy. If you have a concert tee or graphic tee that you love but don't want to get rid of because it doesn't fit right try this idea. It's easy smeezy!

Here is a rough tutorial.

Take an old concert tee or shirt that you like and cut out the logo. (This was a little hard to do because of how attached to this shirt I was)
{bye bye beautiful shirt}

I used HeatnBond Ultrahold No-Sew transfer paper to attach the logo to the new shirt. Take a large portion of the HeatnBond out of the package and lay it down with the sticky side up.

Place the logo face up on top of the HeatnBond and trace the entire logo and cut it out.

Place the logo face down on your ironing board, place the HeatnBond sticky side down on top of the logo and iron away directly on top of the paper side. You don't have to leave the iron on for very long just a few seconds. As you can see I didn't cut the transfer paper out to exactly the shape of the logo - you don't have to worry about it being perfect.

Peel the paper back once it has cooled.

Take the new shirt that fits you oh-so-perfectly and place the logo sticky side down at the desired place on your shirt. I bought my shirt at Target on sale (no Talladega Nights movie pun intended). Pretty much everything I buy is on sale or thrifted. That may change one day when I become a millionaire. Ha!

Depending on what kind of logo you're working with you may want to use a thin towel to iron on the logo to your shirt in order not to ruin the graphic/logo. If you do need to use a towel you have to press a bit longer with the iron in order to get it to adhere well. I also sprayed mine with a water bottle and it seemed to help out much more.

Now you can stop here if you want if you prefer a rough edge. If you cut out your logo better than I did it will look great at this point.

I decided to do an easy embroidery boarder around the edge in bright red. I like the way it gave it a more finished look. I wish I had a better picture of the finished product. I really love the way it turned out. I did one other shirt but I need to take a good pic of it before I post it. I have a few other shirts I want to this with as well. I love the iron on transfer paper. I have so many ideas now of what I want to do with it.
{hello new sexy tee}


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

You are SO crafty! It's ridiculous the amazing ideas you come up with. :)

Jennikunz said...

Thnki we could make some STT t-shirts?