November 21, 2009

No Yuppy Puppy Here

{Mr. Bo Jangles and Frederick Biggie Franklin}

Let's see, Monday we went to J Wongs for Ty's BFF's birthday. We had never been before but it was good and nice to get out. Thanks Vapid Vixen for inviting us! The middle of the week was a blurry mess of work and crafty goodness. I have been so busy at work - actually having to work while working is not fun. Ha!

Last night we enjoyed one of the few and far between perks of me being an assistant. We got a night at the Hilton downtown and enjoyed a nice dinner at Bilaggis. (I am sure I just butchered the spelling on that) They have the best butternut squash ravioli. I could eat it everyday. After dessert and drinks at the hotel we went to our room where Ty fell asleep and I stayed up watching the Hangover. I laughed my ass off. I kept waking Ty up because I could not stop laughing.

Last weekend I went to Target with my madre and we found this cute puppy coat for Frederick. It was only $2.50. I bought it hoping that it wasn't too yuppy-puppy looking but he seems to like it. Since I was overly cautious about the way it looked I thought I needed to vamp it up a bit. Make it more punk-puppy than yuppy-puppy. So I embroidered a rock-on fist pump symbol on a white felt star to attach to the coat. It was easy-smeezy.


I am so excited for next week. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday probably because it involves being lazy and stuffing your face or my love of mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, you know carbs? The enemy. Well it's not my enemy we have a pretty involved, intimate relationship.

This week I also re-vamped another tee shirt that I am so stoked about thanks to an awesome idea by my mom. I will post about that next week. I have also been working on the dinner table decorations for our Thanksgiving dinner. Plus my aunt and her kids are coming to town for the holiday so it should be fun. I can't wait to see them and stuff our faces.

Today I am just catching up on all of the glee episodes I have missed. That show is genius. I am also hoping to finish the book The Road that Ty and have started. We are trying to finish it before it comes out next Wednesday. Can't wait! The previews look good, but we'll see.

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