November 4, 2009

Scariest Halloween Ever

I wish I could tell you that I have this awesome, lovely, wonderfully creative Halloween post to share with you but I would be lying.

If you know me you know that I. DON’T. DO. FAKE.

I am also not going to go into any details of what our Halloween was like either.

It sucked. Let‘s just leave it at that. We did however get some pictures. I’ll leave it to you to decide if they are good or not.

I’d love to brag about my awesome costume and the hard work I put into it but it all doesn’t matter now. The horribly deep depression that has set in on my family’s life has now sunk into a black whole some place where it never stops snowing and frost bite is as common as a yeast infection. And the only thing on T.V. is The Hills and it is on EVERY channel – playing the same episode over and over again. You know the one where Spencer and Heidi pretend to get married?

But I am thankful to be breathing. I suppose.

How was that for a performance? I can be quite the drama queen.

Halloween morning
Frederick and I were goofing around. He was being his usual needy self so I decided to take pictures.
There are a ton more of these.
My friend Jamie and I were the only ones who dressed up at work the day before Halloween. We obviously are the only cool ones who exist. She was a dead Miss Scranton Rodeo Queen.

Ringmaster Flash 2009
I'm kind of sad this is the only picture I got of my costume but oh well.
Maybe I'll do the same thing next year.

I made this hat out of a styrofoam cup and felt.
I am pretty impressed with it because it survived a stomping - Don't Ask.

She-she and Dillen Colt and some nerd hanging out in the back.

Tyrone the Viking Princess

The hat got passed around through out the evening. Do you love my double chin?

Shelby the always classy pregnant lady
ok, ok she is not really pregnant.

My cute little lion.
This actually lasted a lot longer on him than I thought it would. He eventually kept getting his legs caught in the maine so I had to take it off. It did have some leg things that lasted all but 2 seconds.
Grandma Daisy with Hagen the pumpkin
Pickle and Snickers the other pumpkin

I'll go a head and leave you with this image of our lovely faces.
This pretty much sums up how the evening went.


Jennikunz said...

I have got to hear about the stomping!!!!

Vapid Vixen said...

I have no idea what to think after that cryptic Halloween post but I have to say I guffawed out loud...GOL I suppose, at your description of the day. As common as a yeast infection...Heidi and was awesome. I'm sorry for whatever happened but you have every right to be SO proud of your costume. It was adorable, original and you EFFING made it?? You make me sick, and I mean that with the deepest, most heartfelt admiration.

Brandy-son Zen Master Flash said...

I'm beginning to like you more and more Dawn.

Anonymous said...

halloween sucked but i guess really not halloween but the little fam drama that was entangled amoungt the day , sucked sucked , yep it did grrr but i still lv bubz xoxo