January 11, 2011

Weekly Confessional

One year ago this week I kicked off this Weekly Confessional crap. It was January 12th to be exact. I think it's gone over pretty well so I'm going to keep it up this year.

So last year I was admitting that I don't eat a piece of fruit in the afternoons like I said I would. Afternoons at work are rough. But they have gotten a lot better since I don't drink soda all day at work anymore. Soda was slowly killing me. It aggravated my allergies and made me even more tired than helped. I will say that the XM3 caplets that my mom sells are a contributing factor for helping me get over that slump. They are amazing.

I'm also taking things for my low thyroid and progesterone levels which my doctor says are contributing factors in miscarriages. He also thinks I'm pre-diabetic so I've been trying to really balance out what I eat and not always eat just sugar and carbs. I love this doctor by the way. He is really cool. I don't think that just because he has a giant water fall in the lobby either.

Talking about these things make me feel really old.

I guess rambling about all of that is the confession for this week.


Kristen said...

I wish my doctor had a water fall in her lobby! Sadly, they just have a crucifix and an aquarium with mostly dead-looking fish, which is just creepy.

Janet Bocciardi said...

LOL! I remember thinking I'd NEVER talk about drugs and what pains I was feeling... It happens to the best of us!

(ck out my recent post - you are an inspiration!)

Butterbean said...

The hubs and I tried to get pregnant for 3 years before I finally found out my thyroid was out of whack. Three months after it was regulated, I found out I was pregnant! I had no idea they were linked!

Also? I've been eating fruit every day. If you count orange starbursts as fruit, which I totally do!

Loved the post, maybe I'll follow in your footsteps and give up sodas!

Anika said...

It is quite amazing how the body changes as we age, crazy. Good though that you have a good doctor...that can make all the difference in the world!

Anika said...

Oh and day nine photo is killing me! Way too cute for a human to handle. Please tell him to tone it down a bit.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Kristen - crucifix + dead fish? What kind of doctor is this? JK

Janet - I appreciate the shout out on your blog so much! I loved reading it and am glad to have inspired you a little bit. I beleive more than just about anything that it's important to be yourself. I wish I would have learned this when I was much younger.

Butterbean - thanks for sharing that about your thyroid and pregnancy. I love hearing others stories about this. I'm hoping the thyroind thing is the only issue. And starbursts totally count as fruit.

Anika - I would be more than happy to tell the diva that is Frederick to tone is down but I'm not sure it's possible for him. LOL Thanks!!

Da-mom said...

yes the moody dr, rules , hehe funny arse name though,specially since he fixes our crazy ladies moods hehehe, and oh yea XM3 ROCKS!!!!!