January 11, 2011

Dear Monday,

I understand it's Tuesday. I wrote this yesterday.
It still feels like Monday to me anyways.


You suck. I hate your guts.


Today more than normal you seem to be bothering everyone just as bad. You've been the topic of most conversations today and I am sick of hearing about you.


What is it about Monday's that is so lame? I know it's mostly because it's the beginning of another dreadful work week for most of us. We should be well rested and ready to go from having a wonderful weekend right?


I have a hangover Monday mornings from the anxiety that kept me up from the night before. I contemplate taking my security blanket into work with me and showing up in my pajamas. I crave comfort food all day and wish someone would sing lullabies to me while I did my work.


Work, honestly, has gotten worse and better. I don't know how to explain it but I will just leave it at that. I do love my new desk though. I'm not right up front where all of the action is anymore which is perfect for me.


{I know, another vague post about work. I have my reasons.}


Besides work – what else makes Mondays so hard to get through? Maybe it's because we try to cram all that we can fit into the two measly days we have off. We are the worst at this. I dream all week of being able to relax when the weekend comes but I never actually do it. Between grocery shopping, catching up on cleaning, laundry, making orders, blogging, trying to hang out with family, running miscellaneous errands, trying to do something fun like watch movies, shop, go to the pub, hang out with friends (Who has friends?), etc. It's too much. TOO MUCH!!
I complain yet I think I'm becoming one of those people that don't sit still very well. I'm sure you're all thinking SHE'S LOST IT!!
I re-read today's confessional and thought I sounded a little snotty talking about how awesome I am that I don't drink soday (as much) anymore. I have tripled my coffee intake which probably isn't better except that it doesn't make me crash and doesn't aggravate my allergies and doesn't have high frutose corn syrup in it. Oh man. I really hate when people get on their high horses so I will just stop right here.
Hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday. If I haven't commented on your blog in a while it's because I haven't opened my reader due to the 1000+ unread items SCREAMING AT ME!! Tonight I hope to have a relaxing evening and catching up on them. I have felt a little uncreative and un-inspired lately and I think it's because I haven't been reading my daily blogs that give me so much inspiration.
-Let Your Freak Flag Fly!


yo memaw said...

jumpimg on soapbox, ummumm (clearing throat), HFCS HFCS HFCS HFCS HFCS HFCS,SUCKS!!!!!!!hahahahaehehehhohoho jumping off soapbox with glee, heheheh xoxoxo lv ma

Anika said...

i know what you mean...it is kind of nice to have that escape and daily inspiration.

I think you're fabulous!