January 6, 2011

A corner of our home

I try really hard to make our little place homey yet design worthy. I think it's from taking three years of Interior Design in high school which was by far my most favorite class next to Foods and the one I learned the most from. You know it was that rare class that I actually tried in and loved. Anyways I always think about it when I'm hanging a picture or rearranging my furniture.

Far left, Bennett family photo; Franklin family photo; photo of Me and Ty at Rib City; thrifted Simon & Garfunkel 8 track; glass vase from Ross and blue candle holder used from our wedding cake table. The circle mirror came in a set of three (wedding gift) that I painted to match and art piece done by myself

Our wedding guest book/poster. I love having it hanging in our living room.

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