January 23, 2011

For the new year

The mantle got another tiny makeover. It's officially my favorite place to focus on in our house. It doesn't get all cluttered because it's out of the way and it's by far THE. BEST. area in our apartment for natural light.

I finally took down the creepy Santa Christmas decor. Also, I finally picked out a photo from our Day After Photo Shoot and put it in the gold frame I found on one of my Junk Hunts. If you saw the DIY I posted yesterday you got a little peek.

This stencil shown here and the one above was done by our friend UGLYSHEEP and the Jesus Loves You picture was taken by me.
It's on our tailor's sign in the upper corner of it outside of his building.
I made my own little canvas out of it.


Anika said...

Looks great!

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Isn't that funny,today I spent way too much time rearranging my book shelves. I finally have my mantel the way I want it(for now),but these book shelves are killing me. Can't seem to get it right since Christmas.
Thank You so much for stopping by my little blog home,and please do so again!

Angela said...

I love the way your mantle looks! I've always wanted one, and now I'm tempted to get a faux-fireplace, haha :)

bebe bird beck said...

Such a cute mantle. You did awesome.

That picture of yall?? PRECIOUS!