December 2, 2010

a wee bit of holiday cheer

I'm not a total Scrooge.

I found a little package of ornaments from 1985 (I know the year because it said so on the tags at the junk store). They look like something your grandma would put on her tree. Your grandma, not mine because my grandma uses giant fake birds of prey on her ugly-ass flocked tree. At least she did when I was  kid. I'm telling you the tree was covered in giant white doves and I swear they had red eyes too. They would glare at you. I haven't been to her house during this time of year in quite some time so I'm not sure what the decor is now days at Grandma Lawn Ornaments house. I also found this great vintage bowl - I forget what the style is called.

{The tree lights up and was only ten bucks, but it sadly needs a skirt. I'll get right on that}

For the second year in a row (or does this make three years) I am not putting up my awesome fake, white tree. There is no room in our one bedroom. I need the room for my frequent tantrums - I tend to knock a lot of things down when they occur. Just like last year, in which we celebrated Black Christmas (see post here) I decided to decorate the mantel and leave it at that. This year the theme is Creepy Santa. If you check out last years post you can see last years holiday card too and I tell a short funny story about my brother who was living in Wisconsin at the time. Him and his family are back this year in Utah so you can imagine my parents are going nuts because His Majesty will be around to dribble over.

{Last Year's holiday card framed}

Anyhootandholla - here are some more pics. I found the two creepy Santas this year at the junk store. I was thinking of a good way to go would be me walking down the aisles of Savers and having a heart attack but no one finds me for a few days because I'm buried under a pile of vintage goods that I was carrying. That's one way I fantasize about dying. {sick & twisted}

More to come regarding Creepy Santa. You just wait.


Angela said...

I love your mantle! I'm not sure if I could put up with having creepy Santas hanging around, but it's still pretty neat!

Anika said...

What a huge score with that box of ornaments!

Can't wait to spread some more creepy santa cheer through the internet!

urban muser said...

your grandma's tree sounds scary.

Oh Honestly Erin said...

I am all about this post.

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

I love. LOVE. that wreath. I need one.

And I have a little tree like that, but mine is white, and covered in pink cupcakes. Does that surprise you one bit? The girly girl in me keeps kicking her way out.

That Santa with the pink face scares the SHIT out of me. I could never have that in my house.

Butterbean said...

oh my holy flashback, we had that second creepy santa when i was a kid. it sat on our mantle every christmas for at least 6 years. then one year my brother shot it with his new nerf gun and broke the damned thing. rip creepy santa, we miss you every year.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks Angela! The don't bite too hard.

Anika - the bag of ornaments was only 1.99 and I can't wait for your creepy santa cheer!

Urban Muser - those white doves still haunt me.

Thanks Erin - I'm glad you like it!

Kendahl that cupcake tree sounds pretty awesome and totally YOU!!

Butterbean - R.I.P. creepy Santa indeed.