December 9, 2010

I can be a bit sentimental at times but the occasion is rare

When I worked at the Chosen Bank quite a few years ago - I think it's been around seven years. I worked with Mandy. She was so much fun and a breath of fresh air from the boring teller work that we did all day. She was always talking about Hawaii and when I was able to finally go there I was so excited because she had talked it up so much. She went there once while we knew each other and brought me back a few things. One thing she gave me was this wooden turtle key chain. I am sad because I had managed to keep that turtle on my key ring this entire time up until just last week. I managed to take a picture of it one night before I went to bed for some strange reason. I think it was my intuition telling me that I wasn't going to have it any longer. I loved that thing. It was a little worn out and missing it's two front legs yet it was still adorable. It was the only key chain that I kept. Any others that I ever had never lasted very long. I think this turtle held a lot of sentimental value to me because of what I was going through at that time in my life (a lot of bullshit).
I think Mandy reads this silly blog every now and then so I hope she sees this.

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