December 22, 2010

Guest Post Wrap Up

If you missed any of my guest posts from this month you can check them out at any of the below links.

Check out the Creepiest Guy on TV - Dr. OZ by my gal Jenni

Rootbeer Bundt Cake by Angela from Craving Cupcakes

Gorgeous photos from Kristen's inspired Iowa tour!

An Oh Honestly Erin Original Holiday Recipe - you may pee a little while reading this

Read about Anika's different takes on Santa from Pasando - she was my creepy Santa cohort

The last guest post of the month; Read Lil Miss Butterbean's funny letter to Santa!

This month was so much fun and different from what is usually going on around here. I also contributed to a few guest posts myself that I am really proud of.

DIY Holiday Treat Bags
Fourth Day of the Santa Countdown - Creepy Santa