December 16, 2010

Cohort Post - Anika from Pasando

Hi everyone and thanks to Brandy for letting me write a bit on her fabulous blog.  I feel like I've got a lot to live up to!  You know who else must have that feeling?  Santa.  I was thinking that in the spirit of Christmas I would write a bit about your friend and mine, Mr. Kringle.

There is the Santa I remember fondly

The Santa I grew up with was your average happy, I’m-not-perfect-but-do-over-indulge kind of Santa.  He was thoughtful about the way in which he entered and left things for us in the house and he never gave me coal.  He ate most of the treats left for him and even seemed to have read the notes that were left thanking him.  I remember a unique feeling of excitement I had on the night of Christmas Eve.  That evening,  just after spending time with all the family, having watched some television special full of cheery music I only listened to one time a year, getting into my winter pajamas, sipping my last sip of cocoa/cider, and after being tucked in bed I would really feel that excitement.  I knew that when I woke up all my dreams (material dreams mind you...but I was under 10 years old!) would be answered. My biggest worry that night was how exactly Santa planned on entering the house without a chimney.  I don't know if I ever feel that same type of anticipation to this day.

Things about Santa I chose to ignore

Yes I was little but no, it didn't escape me that there would be some stranger in our house, drinking and eating at our dining table.  Would I hear his big boots?  Would he just make it quick or linger looking around the house?  Sometimes I would wake up throughout the night and be really concerned that he would skip over our house because he knew I was awake.  Or worse, look inside the door to my room and we would catch each other eye to eye!  "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep..."  He was after all psychic, he would know if I peeked.    I never really wanted to catch him in the act or see him at all.  I was just happy with results.  It is magic after all.

The Santa I like to hang out with now

Last night my wonderful husband did the grocery shopping and brought home some goodies.  So what are his bags full of??  Christmas cheer!  How do I tell if my guy is in a festive mood?  He's suckered in by holiday marketing.  There was Santa coffee, Santa beer (yum), Santa cookies and even apple cider!  Santa, you aren't the only one who likes snacks and drinks in the middle of the night!  Thanks to the elves for brewing and baking up such tasty treats for me and the Jewish man in my life!

There are the types of Santas that could still give me nightmares.

I don't enjoy the creepy Santa movies where Santa has a different sort of holiday in mind.  Just gimme a piece of coal if your pissed off at me for being bad!  Please don't axe me in my sleep.  Yes I like scary movies.  No, I don't like Santa in my scary movies.  What can I say??  I have levels too.

Types of Santa's I would never want my child to be alone with

I don't have much appreciation for creepy, leery Santa.  I don't want my child to sit on his lap, I don't want her to inhale his last night at ___ Bar.  It taints the charm of Santa and makes my child come home smelling like a cigarette butt.  I also don’t like making Santa sexy in any way, it’s creepy.  Santa is purposefully non-sexual, let’s keep it that way.

The Santa I will remember

Namely the memories my mother created for me.  There are certain things she did to make me feel the idea of Santa...she did a great job.  Santa should be so lucky to have an elf like my mom!  But her Santa wasn't without his particulars.  For example, did you know that Santa prefers Tab soda and crackers with cheese to milk and cookies?  Maybe that's just a California thing...

So, Merry wishes to all of you no matter what you are celebrating or not celebrating this time of year! Please join me for a 12 days of Santa over at my blog Pasando.  And also thanks to Brandy for writing such a great post for me.  You will love reading about her take on Santa.  It  will make you laugh and smile...nowadays that would be all I would ask for from Santa.  Oh, and that pair of boots I have been eying.


I appreciate Anika for contributing to my silly blog so much! We've been chorussing over creepy Santa ideas for a bit now. She has such an awesome blog and takes some pretty incredible photographs. You have to stop by her blog and check it out. Her 12 days of Santa has been so much fun so far. Go read it and give her some love! I did a guest post for her as well so be sure to check it out. This past October she did an amazing creepy countdown that blew my socks off!

{Isn't that Santa pic with the two crying kids on his lap classic? He definitely looks like he's had a few too many.}

Thanks again Anika - I hope you get those boots!


Anika said...

Thanks Brandy, this was fun! I posted your post on mine today too.

I still find it ironic that it was you and your guest post idea that got me in the holiday spirit, thanks! I guess that makes you my Santa eh? (So you can get those boots for me on Amazon...) ;)

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thank you so much for doing it!!

Yea....umm...those boots? they're in the mail...but don't hold your breath


R Montalban said...

That was a good read.