December 16, 2010

Behind the scenes - Holiday Card

Before I get into this I have to tell you to go read my guest post over at Anika's blog Pasando(today's guest post blogger - scroll down) and check out day number 4 of her Santa countdown. I loved writing it. It gives some insight into my issues with Santa.




Holiday Card behind the scenes tragedy (or not)


For three weeks I was hounding Tyrone about doing a holiday card. I cried every Saturday and Sunday until it actually happened. The day it finally happened I was pretty excited because the sun was shinning that morning and that always makes for good photos. Yet by the time we got ready it was a blizzard outside. The wind was blowing like crazy and it was snowing those giant enormous flakes. You know the ones that make for fun snow boarding or sledding? I actually straightened my hair too so the snow was quite a bummer. I always joke that the tag line for my hair is "just add water". As soon as my hair is near any kind of moisture it curls right up and forms this halo of fuzz. I had also put makeup on which is a rarity. I was so determined to get this bitch over with I made us go out and do it anyways. I knew the closer it get to Christmas we would NOT end up doing it.


I originally wanted to do it downtown next to this abandoned building that has this really cool ticket taker window but when I thought about the penguin I couldn't get it out of my mind. This mural is painted on the side of an old coffee shop that is sadly no longer in business.


We fought the whole way there. I kept asking Tyrone for some suggestions and he kept telling me it was my deal so he didn't care. By the way, if there are any men out there reading this that is the perfect thing to say to your anxious wife. You'll get loads of sex for that.


We stopped for coffee beforehand which was the worst mistake EVER. It only prolonged getting the picture done and the snow just kept coming down harder and harder. Plus, the light was fading quicker than my red dye job.


Anger consumed me.


Most of the time Frederick is pretty obedient when it's just the three of us and there isn't another canine or feline or human being within 200 feet – except today. As soon as we put him down he ran off to go hide under the roof of the coffee shop where it wasn't snowing because he is an absolute wuss when it's raining or snowing. That is the reason why Tyrone is holding him in the picture. He wouldn't just sit there in the snow for five minutes. I guess I don't blame him. Doesn't he know what those Sports Illustrated models go through to get that perfect picture? I'm going to have to leave Top Model on for him during the day so he can brush up on his skills.


I'm already getting flack for not smiling in the picture. It was the best one out of all that we had taken. I have to keep it real, right? That's what we're preaching on the card anyways.



Tangent; Diana Ross' Touch Me In The Morning just came on the dial and I am loving it.


**One last thing - Small Town Trap is doing a benefit concert tomorrow evening to help raise money for the bass player's brother's daughter's funeral expenses. He recently lost his daughter unexpectedly. Him and his entire family is in our thoughts and prayers. Sending positive vibes their way during this crazy time of year. If you're local and want to attend or donate email me and I can give you info -


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