December 13, 2010

DIY - Giant Black Vinyl Stockings

We were walking through this fabric shop a few weeks ago trying to pic out fabric for the stockings I wanted to make us. We don't have any - except for the Cabbage Patch one I've had since I was young. With the exception of the last two years (we didn't exchange gifts) we like to fill stockings for one another. It's almost more fun than the actual gift giving part (I think).

Tyrone likes to tell the story of when he was young and the giant stocking he had. I thought making ours pretty large would be fun. Although Frederick doesn't deserve a big one so he gets stuck with the miniature version that I totally messed up on. Don't look too closely at the trim on that one. Yikes!

I contemplated just adding studs and spikes to them being that they're made out of black vinyl but I just thought would be too easy. Faux leather fetish decor is so 2008.

Pom-pom trim is hard to sew on. I just wanted to get that out there.

look at creepy Santa up there looking down at me...why did I buy him?

I just took a basic sock pattern and folded down the top edges for a nice hem, although with vinyl you really don't need to hem it since it won't fray. I added some ridiculous trim and a little loop to hang them with. Vinyl is pretty sturdy too. I can see why people use it in hardcore S&M.

We love them.

You HAVE to come back for tomorrow's guest post - it's so damn funny. I can't stop pissing myself over it.

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