December 27, 2010

Christmas in a nut shell

I didn't take a single picture on Christmas Day and since we spent Christmas Eve with Tyrone's family that means I didn't get a single pic of my family.

In all we were very spoiled and had a perfect time full of family awkwardnesses, food and good times.

Highlights were my grandmother asking us to feel her rock hard ass and my brother sticking his tongue so far down Tyrone's ear that he felt the need to go home and wash the shame away. He didn't say a single word the entire trip home in the car.

best gift tag EVER

The kiddos in their hats that we got them

my niece's cute pajama feet
one of the creepy Santa's my mom found for me
I got a little sentimental and read last year's post about Christmas. It's where I made my Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired eye masks, talked about bottle caps, introduced Frohawk, made the world's ugliest tee shirt for Tyrone and bitched about work. So pretty much not many changes from this year.  The last two years we didn't exchange gifts between the two of us. You can read the post HERE if you like.

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Anika said...

HA! Love your description of this year's "festivities". Hilarious.