December 28, 2009

Christmas, simply

I’m fighting the urge to walk right out of the office, drive home, crawl into bed and dead bolt my bedroom door leaving Fred and Ty (who can now be referred to as Frohawk) to fend for themselves.

I want to go back to Christmas day. I can’t believe I am saying this but I do, desperately. I’m sure I’ve never said that before in my life. I want to go back to the calmness that was Friday. Even as I am writing this at this very moment I am fighting the urge to bitch-and-moan. So I am writing off today as your typical slit-your-wrists type of a Monday. I don’t want to take away from the great day we had as a family. It really was a wonderful time that started with Christmas Eve and carried on until yesterday.

Christmas Eve was spent with Frohawk’s family eating Buffalo wings and sugar cookies. The best Buffalo wings I’ve ever had I might add. Frohawk’s sister has a killer recipe. We sat around and just enjoyed each other’s company. It was so nice. I have to mention that Frohawk’s mom made him THE SOFTEST crotched blanket EVER. She made one for him and his sister. I think she made it with chenille yarn. Also, it was stark-ass-white so I didn’t even want him to use it because I am so worried about it getting Frederick fur and God-only-knows-what else on it.

Christmas Day started off with German pancakes followed by pigs in a blanket (a phenomenal hit), turkey, scalloped potatoes and cheesecake. Frohawk and Onslo (my dad) both managed to fit in a bowl full of pistachios each. Yes I said EACH. I think it’s safe to guess how they both felt the next day after devouring that many pistachios. If you’ve never eaten more than your share of pistachios it’s like eating a bowl full of fresh cherry’s or [insert anything that makes you run to the bathroom faster than a lightening bolt]. You can picture both me and my mom shaking our heads at them.

As for gifts go I am just going to go over what I made for people since that is partly what I try to focus on here. You can see that I opted for the homemade gifts regardless of the preferred purchased gifts. I didn’t care what people thought because they were lucky enough to even get anything from us and yes I just said LUCKY ENOUGH. I made some embroidered flour sack towels to hand out with homemade chocolate chip-almond-flax seed cookies. (So I bought some flax seed awhile back and in order to get rid of it I now put it in every thing I cook whether it goes together or not.) I also included some bottle-cap magnets that I put together in little sacks that made for the illusion of being store bought. I keep almost EVERY bottle cap I can get my hands on. I make Frohawk save me all of his. For The Moms I made them each a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired eye-mask. This was a lot of fun and doesn’t take too long even with out a sewing machine. Frohawk helped me cut out all of the pieces so I could hurry and put them all together. Let’s just say that I procrastinated a little too much. I started this blanket for my dad on Monday (dumb idea) and still haven’t finished it after working on it all week and almost all day on Christmas. I will post about it more when I finish it. Frohawk got a one-of-a-kind brandy-son Zen master flash tee shirt (ha-ha). I saw this saying from a beer add on The Dieline and decided to put it on a shirt for him. I’m not sure I like the way the embroidered drum set turned out but over all it’s not too bad I suppose.

Simply put, Christmas was good and now we are looking forward to 2010.

{best breakfast food ever}

{the picture of this shirt totally sucks}

{stay tuned later this week to see the coolest gift we got last week}

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