December 14, 2009

Merry Holiday Joy or whatever!

Here is our Holiday Card

It was between that one or this one

The top one won

My mom was such a good sport in helping us take this picture. You can't tell but it was freaking freezing outside this day. Poor Frederick was shaking the whole time which is why Tyrone is holding him in. Well that and the fact he wanted to chase birds and would not sit still like a good model-puppy should. Tyra would be so disappointed in him.

I want to celebrate Black Christmas this year. It’s pretty much my made up holiday that I am sure Scrooge would be proud of. And no I am not talking about Kwanzaa. I have definitely become more Emo this past year. I think the next step is to start cutting myself but I am not ready to commit to that yet. It may be because my butt tingles when I think about putting a razor blade next to my skin and actually having to cut into my skin with it. Yuck! Back to the subject at hand, Black Christmas means that I would rather be in my dark place than rejoice during the season. I am also not really decorating for Christmas this year mostly because I don’t have any room to put up our tree and because I am too lazy to pull my Christmas decoration boxes out of my parent’s basement. I will say that even though Christmas is my least favorite holiday I do love to decorate for it – and I am not apposed to rejoicing over the real meaning of the season. I also love giving gifts when I can afford to buy them or even make them; there is just too much pressure this time of year. I buckle like a wet dog under pressure and there a people in my life that don’t care for handmade gifts. I’ve come up with a fool proof plan for our family members though, cheap and semi-store-bought. Another reason why I call it Black Christmas is because when my little brother was a small boy he would call himself ‘Black Dillen”. It was like going to his dark place. When he was ‘Black Dillen’ we all knew to stay away especially if there was a knife in his chubby little grasp. You think I’m kidding? Over-exaggerating? Nope! I wish I was. We make fun of it now as a family but it was quite the scene growing up. Now days if I see him approaching that stage I know to turn and run the other way – or antagonize him which is what I prefer to do. (Love you Pickle – I miss you so much!)


This is my version of Black Christmas d├ęcor with out going completely over to the dark side. A mix of holiday cheer and Nightmare Before Christmas. Although not so much Nightmare Before Christmas because I haven't hung the black and white stripped stockings up yet---probably because I haven't made them yet and probably won't. The bunting that I made says NAUGHTY and the framed text says OR NICE.

Happy Holidays! Or not


Vapid Vixen said...

I simply ADORE this. I am so down with Black Christmas. Broke as hell and feeling guilty about the lack of gifts for family and friends? Fuck that! Not this year! Let us rejoice in the glory that is BLACK CHRISTMAS! You're a genius Brandy!

Vapid Vixen said...

Oh, and my vote is for the top one as well. I love the "Rock the Holidays" writing on that one.

little ms. sassy shelby said...

Brandy you are my favorite and I will deff. participate in Black Christmas.

I love your Black Christmas decor. You're so crafty!

Brandy-son Zen Master Flash said...

your comments are more than generous...let's start the Black Christmas Revolution!!

Anonymous said...

awh pickle and his black dilleness, i think we need dillen-done-this-to-me-REHAB-GROUP again , hahah good story bubz lv u and yur excellent pen skills