December 17, 2009

Mexican Craft Fail

What do you get when you combine the following? A knitted robbery face mask + silk ribbon + an overly ambitious crafter = BIG FAT FAILURE!!

The mission: DIY Mexican Wresting Masks

It sounded fantastic in my head but when I tried to place it over my very large, gorgeous head it ended up suffocating me and making me break out into hives. “What do you mean silk ribbon doesn’t stretch? I have it planned out perfectly. There is no way this is going to the crapper.” On the contrary, it indeed went straight down where the gold fish eternally swim. The Holy Crapper.

The picture DOES NOT show how big of a failure this turned out. In fact when I look at it I still have the desire to keep trying to get it to work out. After 20 minutes of trying to stretch it over my bulbous melon the ribbon which I used iron on transfer paper to adhere to the mask started snapping apart. Plus the obvious other reasons of using ribbon to make it. I thought of various ways to try and make it work and right before I entered into complete emotional meltdown I finally gave up. I can’t always be a rock star. Martha would not be proud.

I wanted to use Mexican wrestling masks so badly in our holiday cards that I was blind to any other options but the ones in my head. I obviously digressed and came back to reality but I am sure it won’t last long.

I posted this because I follow this site and thought it would be fun to post my own.

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