December 12, 2009

Pizza and Street Art

The other day on my lunch break I was craving pizza BIG TIME so I decided to try this pizza place that I've heard of called Este Pizzeria. It's just a few blocks away from work. I wasn't craving just any pizza I wanted thin crust and I wanted it right then and there. I think I was a little hormonal. Anyway, they have great pizza and the atmosphere is pretty chill. Do NOT ask for ranch they have a sign that even says so. It's hilarious. I love ranch on pizza I guess it's because I've grown up here but I was forewarned so I didn't even attempt it. Well I did not need the ranch the pizza was amazing. I loved it. As I walked back to my car I took a picture of this incredible street art that someone had been painting for the last while, maybe months I'm not exactly sure. The finished product is so beautiful. I love the glowing organ!!

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Vapid Vixen said...

I just drove by this today after work and was like...why does this look familiar? I love that you notice the beauty in Salt Lake. I probably wouldn't have looked twice at it otherwise.