July 26, 2011

Weekly Confessional

I hesitate telling you about this but clearly I'm not hesitant enough to stop typing. I'm either running out of things to confess or I have no shame. Probably both.
Last week I had a major PMS attack and with all of the cupcake failing that went on I was desperate for a sugar dose. I wanted to make cupcakes all week last week and this weekend but things just kept getting in the way like real life and my incompetent baking skills. OK, enough with the stalling.
I ate a small bowl full of powdered sugar in bed next to my sleeping husband. It was around midnight.
I prayed the entire time that he wouldn't wake up. I had a clever defense planned in case he asked me what the hell I was eating. I'm not sure what I was so ashamed of. He knows I'm a huge sugar addict. I was going to tell him it was mayo. Although now that I've thought about it that really doesn't sound any better. I mean, I love mayo too but Gawd!! A bowl full of mayo? That's disgusting and definitely worse than a bowl full of powdered sugar. Isn't it?
I'm going to walk away in shame now. I'll be the one softly whimpering at my desk all day.
{and he won't find out about this until he reads it so that day will be fun}


Colleen said...


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

HAHA that's incredible! I've never eaten a bowl of powdered sugar. However, hand me some sugar cubes and it's *so* on. I keep enough candy in my house that I could feed half of a Kindergarten class though; sugar shortage is unheard of in our house.

ma said...

awwwhhh my bubba i wuv u

Anika said...

HA! Shut up! You didn't!!

Okay, I guess I am not one to judge since I do the same thing with salt. Wha?? It was smoked salt, like a meal in itself!