July 12, 2011


Finally getting around to doing one of these. Oh how I've missed it. I was in quite a mood today during lunch.

Fall decided to make an impromptu visit in SLC this morning. It’s like the unwanted religious fanatic who knocks on your door and leaves you fire and brimstone tracks on your door step.
You; standing on the other side with your ear to the door wondering when they’re going to get the hint and LEAVE. That’s what today felt like.

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Anika said...

I have found that if you tell one of the fanatics you are jewish they feel sorry for you and walk away speechless...they give up not knowing how to "help" you. But I guess you can't really tell that to a season... happy to see your cell images! It's always a mystery of magic with your droid images since I have no idea what kind of apps you get.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thats a bad ass tip thanks Anika - I'm so using it. For this one I just used little photo it lets you do some pretty cool double exposure stuff.