July 12, 2011

DIY Week - Dog Toy

You know the as seen on tv dog toys that claim to be indestructible? Well it's great and all but they're pricey and they do sort of work. The only thing it keeps your dog from doing is getting stuffing all over your house. My dog still managed to rip it's eye balls out and find the squeak toy organ and dismember it. We paid about ten or twelve dollars for it too. That's not okay when your dog can do all of this in less than 60 seconds. I decided since the only clever thing they managed to do was leave the stuffing out so ding, ding, ding!! I bought a stuffed animal for $2 at the thrift store and took the stuffing out. EASY and DONE. Bam! The most technical thing that I did was sew the hole back up that I had made to pull the stuffing out of.

He eye-balled this thing the entire time I was working on it. Someone is a bit spoiled when they think that any stuffed animal I bring into the house is for them. How cocky. I mean it eventually was going to go to him but come on man don't be so greedy. This is the before shot.

His fox that has become so smelly that I almost thought he was hiding dead birds inside of it.

Pull stuffing out and turn inside out the make sure you get it all.

Turn back right side out and sew up the hole.

He loves the new one, plus it's much cuter than the other ones I think.

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Online toy shops said...

When I was in grade school my mom taught me how to sew a stuff toy for my home economics projects.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Right on - I need to try that some day.