July 15, 2011

A Giveaway, but first a Bribe

I want to feel you lovely readers out. No, not feel you up (perverts) but if you really want me to do that I probably would. I’ve been doing this blog for over three years now and when I think about how much I’ve grown as a blogger…wait…this sounds like the beginning of some boring BlogHer speech. I started this blog for fun and it has turned out to be something I actually care about. Essentially I will always post what I want on here. Those of you who have stuck with me have heard me talk about blogging with out rules and going against the herd. I use the term herd loosely considering that most of Blogolopolous Town consists of women. Was that rude? Don’t leave me just yet. I need something from you first.

After letting go of my desires or inspirations of making money from my blog I decided to use it primarily as an advertising took for The Shop. Truth be told most days I’d rather blog than work on my shop.
I’m taking a note from other bloggers and small business owners that I admire and asking you to answer a few questions from me. In this questionnaire you’ll also have the opportunity to ask your own questions and even tell me where to shove it if you so please.

In all of my immaturity, I would surprisingly like to take this a bit more seriously to benefit my shop. I think maybe posting things that my readers like or post things to attract more readers may in turn (in the distant future) may attract more business to my shop. I could be wrong but it’s worth a shot.

Here's what you'll win. It's not much just some pretty dumb things that I picked up and am throwing in.

1. My almost favorite 80's movie. Show it a teen girl who's never seen it but don't tell her mom about the boobie shot.
2. One of my collage frames (that I have yet to add to the shop)
3. Two mini composition books (if you like to doodle and make lists like I do)
4. Bottle cap magnets
5. One Boho feather hair clip of your choice. Choose one from my shop!
6. Pyrex dish isn't included but you can buy it here.

Now, mind you, I am not selling out here. What will probably come of it is little-to-no change since I mostly want to hear your opinions regardless.

The questions aren’t hard; no math or history questions I promise. I just want your opinion no matter what it is. I mean it. I want positive and negative feedback as well as constructive criticism. If you think that I won’t care about your opinion you’re dead wrong. I will. Unless you’re trying to persuade me to like that Michelle Bachman woman - cuz that just aint’ gunna happ’n.

Here’s the rules of the giveaway, just fill out the questionnaire and leave your name and email on the form to be eligible and leave comment below. That’s it. Any can enter even if you've won something on here before. Even my friends and family who read my blog but never contribute - that would make me very happy.

1. Fill out the questionnaire
2. Leave a comment below
3. Leave your name & email address on the form **Please put this in the "tell me about yourself" comment box OR just leave it below in your comment. You don't have to do both - it's probably easiest just leaving it below or by sending me an email with your info**

You can also fill out the questionnaire anonymously if you chose to do so. Just leave your name and information off of it. Just know that you won't be eligible for the prize. Unless you hate Sixteen Candles and don't care either way that's fine too.

Here is the link!

Thanks everyone – it is very much appreciated. For realz dawg.

(If you have trouble with the link please let me know or if you're not able to fill out the form I can email it to you if that works better)

Peace out,



Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Your questionnaire doesn't have a spot for a name and e-mail address so I submitted it thinking it would go to another page and then it was over. So mine's the one just submitted and the first question says something about Shelby. :)

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Just filled it out! My contact info is butgavincantdance@gmail.com

Anything for you, lady!

Colleen said...

Okay. I did it. :)


B said...

i could have been much wittier, but i'm having contractions and i may have just soiled myself...not sure. either way - thenabors@att.net