July 14, 2011

DIY Week - Make Your Own Band Tee

I've seen some pretty cool Fleetwood Mac tees out there but when the price tag just isn't right it is nice to know I can make my own. I've done this before a handful of times. You can check out the DIY I did by clicking this link. I found the image via a google image search and used the Black Hawk font I downloaded for free from dafont.com. I arranged the text and image in Word, flipped the image horizontally and printed it out on printable iron on paper. After that I cut around the image and ironed it on to this long sleeved tee that I got from Savers. It is crucial to flip the image horizontally (mirror) before you print it out or your image will be backwards. It needs to look backwards on your screen and on the iron on paper after it is printed so that it will come out correctly on your tee shirt. Believe me I've made this mistake before. More than once, sadly.


 My favorite part of the image I chose is the bottle at the end of her feet

Style it with a messy bun & a vintage handkerchief & a wide belt (I just found mine recently for $2)

Behind the scenes: I was wearing my pajama shorts the entire time and taking these photos under florescent lights (which is why they look horrible) next to my kitchen. Der!
Check out more more DIY here if you missed anything earlier in the week!

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