June 5, 2011

DIY - Make Your Own Band Tee (recycled post)

I'm reposting this because I think it would be a perfect DIY for summa time. If you're challenged in the wallet area like we are then you probably won't be hitting up all of the summa time concerts that will be going on. I know there's a list that I would like to attend but due to the our anorexic bank accounts that won't be happening. BUT we can pretend and you can do that by making your own band tee (you know the one that proves you were there, that you heard of them first?). 

Items needed:
Tee shirt - I got mine at Old (news) Navy for $6
Picture of your favorite Band (album cover, band photo, etc.)
Printable Iron On Transfer Paper
Word Processor of some sort or photo editing tool

Find a pic from the internet or use one you may have from a group's album cover or whatever. Transpose, flip horizontally, make your photo appear backwards in the program of your choice before printing out. I used Word for Mac with mine. Adjust the size and shape to your desire.
Print out your backwards photo on printable iron on transfer paper
Iron image on to your shirt. Don't use the steam on the iron because this can make the ink run on your image. Follow the directions on the transfer paper for the best results.

I've done this a few times before already, remember my T. Rex and S.T.T. shirts? If you don't then you'll just have to click on the links and check them out. In case you didn't know any gray highlighted text on my posts are usually links that you can click on that might be another awesome post to read. Or not.

**It's been 9 months since  I made this shirt and it is still looking pretty good in fact when you wash it it actually makes it look a little vintage and worn out in a good way.
I use posts like these to show off my boobs

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