June 20, 2011

Mini Balcony Makeover

I think every spring, yet in this case it's almost summer, I try to spruce up our little balcony. The number one problem with it is that it is really dark. It doesn't get enough sunlight to keep anything alive. In all honestly though that isn't the real reason nothing stays alive. It doesn't matter what type of plant I buy I will kill it. But nevertheless I keep trying. I can't even keep a cactus alive. There isn't a plant resistant enough for this chick. One of these days they won't feel like this place is such an inhospitable environment.
In my attempt I tried to buy mostly plants that only needed part sun. The chicks and hen though need full sun but I couldn't resist buying it. I did a little bit of research (I didn't over exhort myself too much) and found that if you put a layer of rocks and or pebbles in the bottom of your pot it helps them breath especially if you don't have a pot with drain holes. We'll see.
Before it was dirty and cold stained from winters wrath from what felt like the longest winter ever.

And now it has a little bit of life and warmth.

For now.

I found this 70's wicker stool and repainted it with jade colored spray paint. I had to use an entire can.
Also bought a bird house on a whim but thought I was buying a bird feeder - it doesn't hold feed so well. Blonde moment!
I found a vintage bundt pan, an old aluminum bowl and a planter and went to work.


Anika said...

I LOVE that idea for a planter...totally doing that! Thanks!!

Angela said...

A bundt pan as a planter, genius! I've been wanting to buy some succulents, and I think planting them in a bundt pan is exactly what I need to do.
The balcony looks great.