June 16, 2011

Week of The Black Tee - #4

MJ Tee thrifted @ Savers, my heart stopped when I saw a whole in the neck mid day today, good thing I have sewing machine that looks pretty on my desk just in case I decide to mend it.
I'll probably just complain about it a lot.
Dress Mimi Chica from The Rack, I think it was like $7 - thumbs up!
Filthy flip flops from the place with the most annoying commercials out there, mOld Navy

I did a lot of running around today. Sthuper productive sthuff. Knocked out three presents thanks to Target's cheap prices and convenient locations. (totally not sucking up - they'll never see this)
For someone who claims to be "creative" (picture me with the most annoying face while gesturing the most annoying quotes you've ever seen with my hands & fingers) I sure did buy some pretty dull gifts. You know the thought of making something always enters my mind but having the gusto to put that into action escapes me most seasons. I had my oil changed, tires rotated and balanced and even went to a doctor's appointment. I bought supplies to makeover our balcony that I have been itching to do lately (you know I'm going to post about that shit y'all). I also had lunch by myself at McDonalds (again convenience) and had their asian salad which was pretty good but not as good as the old one they had. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Probably not.
It's late if you can't tell by my horrible grammar and foul mouth. Although neither of those seem to be worse whether it's late or not. Fuck yeah! I'm going to be more prone to use exclamation points now from all of the girl fighting going on in Twitterverse and Blogolopolous Town about being too girly vs. being mature, blah, blah, blah. If you don't know what I'm talking about that's okay. It's not worth linking back to any of it!!! Just note that I will be using even more exclamation points than I normally do!!!!!!!!!!
unicorns, rainbows, glitter and sundresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{insert cute hearts and stars here with your imagination since I lack the knowledge how to do either of them}

Tomorrow is Friday!!!!
Unicorns unite!
I have not been drinking, promise.

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Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

I so know what you're talking about! The old Asian chicken salad with the mandarin oranges and the soy beans... Yum. I haven't been to McDonald's one single time since they took that away; it was the only reason I would go. I hate them for taking it away.

Also, exclamation points. I just love it!!!! OMG!!!! (How do you make an emoticon face that looks like you're throwing up? :(< ...? That just looks like a small person. Damn.)

And here's a heart to top it off - ♥.