June 27, 2011

Today's Post-It Note



Razor blade – to slit wrists for not going through with training for the 5k I was going to do and for finally deciding not to go through with it purely because I am lazy, and shin splints.


Putty knife – to scrape the laundry off of the floor that is scattered through out the house. It's been lying around for weeks, walked over, rolled over, and used as a dog bed and the occasional stepping stool for me. The lines between clean and dirty are blurred. It is definite that none of them are fresh. I don't even remember what the smell of fresh laundry is like. I hear it's nice. I get whiffs off it when I've accidentally wandered down the laundry detergent isle. It's a nice smell, reminds me of baby hippopotamuses.


I'm thinking adding any other items to this list will send me over the edge so I'll stick to this. I hope Home Depot is having a sale.


Colleen said...

LMAO! Baby hippos?

J said...

I just picked up a shovel at our local feed store to handle our laundry. We're in the same boat sistah.