June 13, 2011

Week of The Black Tee - #1

I decided that this week while I'm on vacation I am going to wear a black tee every day. Kind of a weird wardrobe choice this time of year I know, but it is my favorite thing to wear + it will give me something to do during my time off + I just might try to mix it up to give myself a challenge. It's the best I could come up with with all this time I'm going to have on my hands.  I'm still uncomfortable about full body shots. It is a major insecurity to get over but I want to be if I'm going to be a preacher of supporting all body types and that women should be comfortable in their own skin NO MATTER WHAT  - then I need to get over my own issues. The biggest person in my life who helps me with this is Tyrone. He makes me feel beautiful even when I'm feeling my worst. He always tells me that confidence is what is most sexy and I need to take that to heart.

vintage 1950's shorts
my chemical romance black too
red polka dot vintage scarf
wedges from some boutique like six years ago
(confession: I only wore them for the photos)
manicure nude + red
glow-in-the-dark pins
freshly dyed magenta hair

1 comment:

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Those shoes are SO cute! And I don't know anyone who could rock that hair color better than you.