July 11, 2011

DIY Week - Birthday 'In Your Face' Church Fans

Welcome to DIY Week!

I hope it finds you oozing with utter excitement and pure glittery joy.

I don't know what pure glittery joy is but I'm sure it's nice.

Starting DIY Week off with two simple disposable birthday decor options.

Disposable Cake Banner
You've seen the cutesy cake banners around but this is a disposable option in case you're throwing a party for someone who isn't exactly the keepsake kind. This is the cake banner I made for Tyrone's birthday party we had a few weeks ago. Right before we cut the cake I snapped this picture so I could have some proof of the magic that was created. It was the only picture I took that day.

Materials needed:
colored cardstock paper
word processor of your liking
wooden dowels

1. create what you want your banner to say in a word processing program, center on the page and print it out on the a color of cardstock of your liking. Cut around the saying with your scissors.
2. Take a different color of cardstock and mark with a ruler a banner or flag-like shape and then cut it out.
3. Take the saying that you first cut out and glue it on top of your banner shape.
4. Glue each end to two wooden dowels.
5. Stick in cake
6. Recycle when finished

'In Your Face' Church Fans
This is my favorite part. I pulled this idea out of my ass one night when I was trying to think of something semi funny to do to Tyrone. I thought it would be fun to print a bunch of his face out and make church fans out of it. I figured it would be hot outside for the party so it was pretty much meant to be. I think the kids enjoyed this the most.

Materials needed:
colored cardstock paper
wooden tongue depressors (I found mine at the dollar store)

1. print out the subject's face as many times as needed
2. cut around the face - you don't have to be careful or neat
3. glue faces on a sheet of colored cardstock and cut around the faces leaving an edge
4. glue to wooden tongue depressors
5. fan your sweaty face with it

This would be pretty suitable for a kids party but since we're an immature bunch it suited us as well. I think it would be fun to do for a pet's birthday party or even for celebrating favorite dictator's birthday.

Stay tuned all week for more DIY shit.

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1 comment:

Oh Honestly Erin said...

My birthday party is going to be in a roller rink, in August, with no AC. I think these DIY fans might be perfect for that.