May 31, 2011

DIY Shoot An Arrow Through My Heart Necklaces

Or just hand painted wooden beads, braided jersey necklaces. Mouthful.

The Main Materials:
Jersey strips pulled tight
Wooden Beads

Other Materials:
Some sort of finish for after painting the beads
Scissors/Rotary Blade
Self-healing Cutting Mat
Paint Brush

Paint any sort of design you want on your beads, I chose a simple arrow in sea breeze. I matched it with strips of eggplant jersey. After the paint has dried and after you put a finish on the painted beads you're ready to hang them on your jersey. You'll need to cut seven strips of jersey and pull them tight after you've cut them. You can cut the strips as wide as you like, mine are about an inch wide and about 34-36 inches in length.
With one of the strips you will want to tie a loop at one end, thread the beads on the loose end and then tie off the other end with another loop. Take three strips for each side and fold in half looping through each end of the beaded strip. Fold in half and braid each end and tie off.
It'll end up any where from 10 inches to 13 inches in length depending on how long you cut your strips and where you tied it off. You can keep it any length you want - that's why it's DIY baby! It's all up to you. Done!

I made three all together, one for myself, naturally, and two for The Shop. If you're not into making one yourself you can buy one from me.


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

These are darling! How do you come up with stuff like this? My mind thinks not of cute things like this.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thank you SO much dear! It just came flying out of my ass. It's all rather disgusting ;)