May 17, 2011

Weekly Confessional

I shouldn't talk about this and give any more attention to American Idol than the show already receives but I just have to get it off of my chest that I love the show except now that my two favorite people are gone I'm not watching the rest of it - that is unless Aerosmith and or Steven Tyler perform then I'll be glued to the telly at that point. My favorite was Casey but now that James is gone, who I think totally deserved to win and not just because he had the chops to do it. Odds are we'll have another country music winner and won't that just be fantastic. (pout)
Peace out American Idol. I'll only hate you till next season.

It's no secret I crush hard on Steven Tyler but since he's been on American Idol I've grown a grandpa-like adoration of him rather than a I-want-to-jump-your-bones obsession. I know some of you probably just threw up in your mouths. I apologize for not handing out any vomit bags prior to posting this. I did just purchase his book too. I have read Bebe Buell's book too, she's Liv's mom. Her book was awesome. It's pretty much the time period in which I always say I wish I had grown up in when I was her age back then. (I don't think that made much since but I'm too tired to fix it)

But. I am not starting this book until I FINALLY (for crying out loud) finish Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I'm making myself finish it this week even if it kills me. If you click on that link you'll see that it's been well over a year since I've been reading it. Pathetic to the max.


Oh Honestly Erin said...

I got what you meant about Liv's mom. I always wished I was a teenager in the late 60s (not so much for the music, but the whole free love movement and imagery) or all of the 80s.

So many of my favorite bands had their heydays in the 80s -- the Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order, Bauhaus, Gary Numan, Pet Shop Boys, Cocteau Twins. Sure, most of those bands still perform, but can you imagine seeing them live back then? Damn.

Anika said...

I missed everything after "jumping his bones" because my screen was covered in vomit...whadimiss??