May 9, 2011


I took this with my camera phone of this picture that hangs on my mom's fridge of my brother and I. Man, look at that white-ass hair - major toe head action going on. I of course am rockin' a pretty rad 80's do. I'm also on my knees if you couldn't tell. My brother and I are seven years a part so when we were younger I was much taller than him until he hit about  10th or 11th grade and grew into this muscle monster. Ah....the good old days when I could take him down. I still miss them terribly. He tortures me nowadays which results in weekly nightmares. Sidenote: my parent's kitchen doesn't even resemble this any more either.

For some reason I couldn't get Anika's phonography linky to work but if you want to join go HERE! You should check out her post even if you don't want to join in the fun because this week she's got some funny house hunting pics up.


Vapid Vixen said...

Being the eternal fashionista, I want to see what you're wearing!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I'm pretty sure my jeans are acid wash. I mean how could they not be? It was the 80's for crying out loud.

Anika said...

This is great! I want to know what you guys are doing...are you looking for something? What a keeper photo!

I think I may have fixed the link...html...I don't really know what I am doing exactly ;)

By the way, that photo of the three boys is, I am sorry to tell you, not a joke. At least I am almost positive it's not. I am going to email you the photo (blurry but still makes my point) of one that's even better than this one. Let me just say that the Realtor called me back upstairs to take a photo of it because it was "way better than the portrait". (I love my realtor.) We couldn't tell if they had any clothes on until we got up really close. It's awesome.

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

That is plain adorable. What is it with the boys in our family? They start out little and then all of a sudden *BOOM* huge monsters.

Steph said...

how sweet, love that your mom still has it on her fridge!