May 16, 2011

DIY: Christian Louboutin Spiky Flats (re-post)

I've decided that as mad as I was with Blogger's issues from last week I'm not ready to jump ship just yet. I've never had problems with them before and I'm too lazy to move to another host. I can repost this missing post and go along my merry way like nothing ever  happened, so if you already saw this one I'm sorry.

Now, every time I see any of these Christian Louboutins pictured below I die a little inside. I would kill for any pair of them. Since they're pretty much out of my price range I decided to make my own version. This was probably one of my more expensive DIY's but I thought compared to how much a real pair of these suckers cost I was still saving a ton of money. The screw back spikes were not the cheapest. I used pretty nice ones that I bought at our local Tandy Leather shop. The shoes were pretty cheap that I got at Payless that my mom technically paid for. Thanks mom! Payless was the only place I could find black patent flats. They're not really in season at the moment. If you're not looking for a tennis shoe or sandal for a decent price you're pretty much screwed.

the originals, more inspiration

shoes - any kind
I chose black patent faux leather flats.
the faux leather was easy to punch with the leather hole punch.
leather hole punch
studs & screw back spikes



I paired them with this outfit earlier last week

Let's get through this Monday together, shall we?

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Oh Honestly Erin said...

You're so good at this DIY stuff. I wish we were neighbors so I could just pay you to make me stuff. :(