May 4, 2011

DIY Chevron Striped Tee

Jumping on the chevron stripes bandwagon
I was ready to throw this shirt out when I had a though
A rare moment
OK not rare
I clearly have many thoughts; most of them completely nuts-o

It started on paper

Behind the scenes...
I get an unnatural amount of flack from Tyrone for taking as many pictures of myself as I do but he always manages to stick his mug in man of my shots. I think someone's feeling a bit left out.

Did you see The Shop update? No? Then click here, thanks!

Peace out Beatrices!


Angela said...

Tyrone only gives you trouble because he's jealous! He only wishes that he had a reason to take so many pictures of himself!

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Okay, I love this. What paint did you use? This is going on handmade Monday.

J said...

I would like to live in your brain, for just one day, or at least be able to read your thoughts. I bet it's fascinating in there.

Also? I'm in love with these photos. All of them. Especially the big league chew!

Great job on the shirt!

Anika said...

LOVE the shirt!! Awesome. Also, Frederick is quite handsome on that sofa...