May 16, 2011

DIY Birthday Gift Wrapping

This is borderline ghetto, cheapskate, whatever you want to call it gift wrapping but I needed something big to wrap a vintage globe for my other life partner's birthday. A vintage globe that I so selflessly gifted to her instead of selling it in my shop because that is how big of a saint I am.

Whoa. Dodging lightening bolts here. Scary.

I took a white box from work, a black sharpie, some scissors and some polk-a-dot satin ribbon and made a some-what obnoxious gift box/fun house out of all of that. And yes, some tissue paper of course. I got the idea to do a scalloped edge because I couldn't shut the box all of the way over the the globe. It worked out perfectly. I poked a few wholes at equals heights on opposite sides to tie the ribbon through for handles.

The globe is pretty old. We figured it can't be any younger than 1945 because it still has Yugoslavia on it and also the USSR. It's exactly like the one I found for myself.

 Check out The Shop - did you know that I put more feather boho clips in it?
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Sugarplum Kawaii said...

I think your gift box is endearing and amusing...a rather nice ensemble (-;

Anika said...

I love it!! I would have a hard time recycling it post would probably sit in my house forever ;)

Jennikunz said...

I loved that it was a house! Im sure it was me waving to you from the window! Thanks for being my life partner!! WOOHOO for globes. I thnk Colby is now just as obsessed as I. Thanks! Love you!