May 23, 2011

Das Weekend

Friday evening we sold the U2 tickets Tyrone won and decided to treat ourselves to BBQ & a leisurely weekend. That evening we also went to our friend UGLYSHEEP's art show which is always a good time. He does such good work. I was so glad when we finally sold the tickets because Tyrone was starting to hint at going and I was dreading it to say the least. I do not like U2 and I understand saying that is a bit blasphemous seeing as how the entire state we live in just DIES for them along with the rest of the country. It's almost as bad as saying you don't like The Beatles - which I don't either.

a new manicure - yes I still paint my nails like a 12 year old
I scored some Joes jeans on Thur night for $6. They're a bit long but are in perfect condition. I was surprised they fit me because if I eve get lucky enough to find decent jeans in a thrift store they're usually a size zero or 2. I'm not either one of those sizes just wanted to clarify that.

Saturday I went running with my beautiful mom (I should have just crawled; probably would have gotten more out of it) and then we drove around and also ate at one of my favorite little bakeries in AF. That evening we had a Kava party at the in-laws with some of their friends. I didn't drink any - it's not really my thing but I did eat a million of my SIL's hot wings. She has the best recipe for them.

Sunday was great, we went to church (we've been trying out a new place - which sounds weird typing that but...) saw Pirates of the Carribean 4 (loved), went grocery shopping and drove around a bit. We like Sunday drives. I started some new necklaces too which I'm hoping to post about.

I have a bunch of things I want to post about but I lack the stamina to punch them out tonight. Hope you all had a good weekend and if you are someone who has been affected by any of the tornados or bad weather our thoughts are with you.


Anika said...

Hilarious- I took that same shot of my and my hubby's hands in the car the other day and I was wearing that same sparkly polish!

PS- I don't care much for U2 either. Maybe that's why they're called that - so we can hear them come on the radio and knowingly glance at each other and say with a scowl "You too?"

Oh Honestly Erin said...

More reasons we are alike:

I paint my nails the same, arbitrary way.

I also hate anything U2 that's not Joshua Tree, and even that stuff I could do without. And the Beatles I'm just "meh" about.